IMG_2759Historian. LCSW. Psychotherapist. Teacher. Voracious Reader. Runner. Cyclist. Triathlete. Native New Yorker. Lemon Farmer. Presidential History Nerd.

Born, raised and educated in New York City. Proud graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School. I have a BA in History and a MSW in Clinical Social Work from New York University. Since 2000, I’ve been hanging my hat in Sacramento, California where lemons grow in my backyard.

Things I am really into: traveling, history, US Presidential trivia, Revolutionary War history, live music, dining out, skiing, watching sports, long conversations, reading and wine. I am a triathlete and runner and avid cyclist because I can only think when I am moving.

I am most excited about the fact that I re-ignited my interest in history after my first trip to DC as an adult in 2012. I started reading history books again and in April 2013, I embarked on a project, to read one biography for each of the 44 U.S. Presidents. After I got done with the Presidential biographies, I went into a deep-dive into the Revolutionary War period. I’m getting pretty well-read on 1763-1815. The more I read, the more I want to learn. History is a very addictive hobby.

I’m crazy for live music. I’ve seen Elvis Costello 11 times. When I lived in NYC, I was a regular at Black 47‘s weekly shows. I was honored to be in attendance at their final concert in NYC, November 2014.

From 2005 to 2014, I had my own psychotherapy practice in Sacramento. After nearly a decade of solo practice, I grew tired of doing therapy and decided I needed a challenge and decided to learn something new. I closed my practice and I began teaching graduate-level courses in the College of Social Sciences at University of Phoenix. Teaching has been a very fun new chapter in my life. In addition to teaching, I am also back to working full time working with the military.

The rest remains unwritten.


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